Vessels to 150'

Each survey is based on ABYC and USCG CFR's standards.

Why should I have a Surveyor?

Don't think of the survey as expensive "red tape" forced on you by an insurer or lender. Make the effort to get a good survey. It won't cost you; it will save you money.

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A Caribbean Survey Certified.

Coastal Marine Consultants covers Texas, Florida, New England, Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

We are ASE Certified on gas as well as diesel engines.

We are qualified on power as well as sail, specializing on custom yachts. We recommend taking engine oil samples.

It's Your Investment; shouldn't you get the best survey.

When getting a vessel surveyed, shouldn't you know everything about it?

Building a vessel? Then let us manage the project to make sure you get the best value.

We are able to bring your project from the design stage to sea trial. Including the U.S.C.G. paperwork.

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Yacht Surveys Done Right!
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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why should I have a survey?
    2. What will a survey cost? (This should not be your first question)?
    3. Where can I find a good marine surveyor?
    4. Should I, the buyer/seller attend the survey?
    5. How quick do I get my survey?
    6. Should I have a Sea Trial?
    7. What are my responsibilities as the buyer?
    8. What are the responsibilities of the Seller, Broker, or other representative of the seller?

Why should I have a survey?

  • Buying any boat can be a gamble. A great deal on an older vessel can quickly become a greater financial risk. A survey is not a guarantee but should provide an experienced eye and professional opinion. Very few vessels are completely free of defects so a good survey should help improve the odds of a successful purchase. Sometimes a different model or style can be recommended that will offer less risk. "Coastal Marine Surveyors have extensive experience with all manner of power and sailboat and can make the buying part of your boating life or experience the best ever". Captain Bob Edwards
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What will a survey cost?

  • We at Coastal Marine Consultants strive to be the best in the survey industry because we remember all of our boat purchases. We are not the least expensive because you are investing in knowledge, experience and integrity, not just a report. The quality of a survey should be your primary consideration when selecting a business partner.
  • A typical pre-purchase survey fee will usually be equivalent to $18 to $22 per foot for a mid-sized standard production fiberglass vessel. However, the cost can vary depending on the boat type, age of the vessel, hull construction material, complexity of the systems, and specific requirements required for the survey. There will be an additional charge for surveys over 25 miles from our office. Please call 281.332.3108 or e-mail us to review your needs.
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Where can I find a good surveyor?

  • Selecting a surveyor is like selecting any other professional. For example, membership in the American Medical Association or the State Bar Association does not guarantee you a good doctor or lawyer. You should obtain recommendations, contact references and check credentials. State and Federal Governments do not license or regulate surveyors. Unfortunately, there are many credited and certified surveyors are virtually ineffective. The actual content needs should be your greatest considerations in your evaluation.
  • Professional web sites such as SAMS or NAMS will provide names of accredited or certified surveyors in your area. But as mentioned above, you will need to do some further investigating to find out about the surveyor and/or the survey company. Unfortunately, accreditation or certification by SAMS or NAMS does not by itself mean that the surveyor will meet your specific needs.
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Should I attend the survey?

  • We all encourage buyers to attend the survey or to have a trusted representative present. Often the notes and recommendations in the written report will be more meaningful when an item in question can be pointed out in person. During the survey we can have discussions, answer many questions and add comments which will be included in the formal written report.
  • If an owner cannot be present, they should authorize the broker, a captain or some other experienced person to be present to operate the vessel and equipment. Since we will be observing and inspecting the boat operation, we are not capable of operating the boat during this time frame.
  • Professionally, we do not confer with or report any results to your representative; only to you. The best broker or captain will stay out of the survey process except to facilitate the inspection by operating the vessel and equipment.
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How quick do I get my Survey?

  • Normally good reports can be completed five to seven working days after the inspection. Our survey reports are individually written documents, not just documented checklists and inventories. It takes several days after completion of the onboard inspection to perform research for the valuations. In addition, we have to write, format, and print the report. All of this is an important part of the process and rushing the report can greatly affect the quality of the completed product.
  • A boat large enough to require a survey is a major purchase. It should not be an impulse buy. The surveyor needs time to write a thorough insightful report, and you need time to read and consider the information. Unfortunately, we are not the correct surveyor choice if you are looking for a quick survey because our integrity and reputation are important to us.
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Should I have a Sea Trial?

  • A sea trial is highly recommended. A standard survey includes a one hour sea trial if it is performed during the initial vessel assessment. If a more extensive sea trial is required, there will be an additional charge. During a sea trial, we can determine the operation of the vessel and take notes on anything that we may have questions about. This will help you determine if the vessel's performance is satisfactory for you to proceed with the purchase.
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What are my responsibilities as the buyer?

  • After contracting Coastal Marine Consultants for the survey, the buyer should make arrangements with the repair yard for a "quick haul" and pressure wash. Many brokers will coordinate this for a potential buyer.
  • It is the buyer's responsibility to handle the necessary financial arrangements. Typically payment is due to the yard at the time of the haul out.
  • Payment is required before delivery of the survey report. It is easiest to pay by check or cash at the time of the survey inspection or a convenience fee will apply for all credit card transactions. In cases requiring unusual travel or other expenses, we may require payment or a deposit in advance.
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What are the responsibilities of the Seller, Broker, or other representative of the seller?

  • All normally accessible compartments should be unlocked or open and unobstructed.
  • The vessel should be reasonably clean, and irrelevant items should be removed.
  • The vessel's documents or title and registration should be available.
  • The seller, the broker or any other representative of the seller should operate the boat, engine, and/or other equipment during the sea trial. They should also deliver the vessel to the yard for the haul out.
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