Vessels to 150'

Each survey is based on ABYC and USCG CFR's standards.


Our staff has over 20 years of experience as Captain, Surveyor and Engineer on vessels up to 117'.

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A Caribbean Survey Certified.

Coastal Marine Consultants covers Texas, Florida, New England, Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

We are ASE Certified on gas as well as diesel engines.

We are qualified on power as well as sail, specializing on custom yachts. We recommend taking engine oil samples.

It's Your Investment; shouldn't you get the best survey.

When getting a vessel surveyed, shouldn't you know everything about it?

Building a vessel? Then let us manage the project to make sure you get the best value.

We are able to bring your project from the design stage to sea trial. Including the U.S.C.G. paperwork.

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Yacht Surveys Done Right!
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About Us


In the Beginning:

Captain Bob spent his corporate career in marketing, strategic planning, and sales for several large corporations. During his time in Corporate America he consulted BellSouth Corporation as Strategic Planner, Human Resources Technologies, Inc. as Strategic Marketing Manager, and spent 7.5 years as General Affairs for Hitachi High Technologies Inc.


The Growing Years:

“Captain Bob” started his chartering and working on boats in 1984 and set out on an adventure of a lifetime. Before heading up his chartering company he needed to accomplish a few things, like building a dive boat. During this time, he designed and had a 35’ custom dive boat built in Maine which he named Brain Storm I. The boat was trucked across land and launched in Ft. Lauderdale. In December ’85 he was ready to depart Florida for the Caribbean and the start of his charter business.


Just a few yachts I've managed, captain or owned

Where we're going:

Whether you're buying, insuring or selling a vessel you should always tell the truth and speak for the boat.  All vessel are surveyed based on ABYC Standards and the U.S.C.G. cfr's.

Remember when you purchased your first boat?  What an experience that was, and the broker just knew a good surveyor that wouldn't cost you much.  A "Good Surveyor"?  But was he really good or helping the broker sale you a boat?  Was the surveyor working for you or the broker?

Here you are about to buy an investment and you're going to start cutting corners now?  Did you cut that corner and hire the cheaper surveyor?  

How did that work for you? How many issues were not completely disclosed?

After years of watching and even experiencing less than upscale professional surveyors; I mean surveyors that will survey a boat based on what the client had requested.  We decided that to be a good surveyor, you must speak for the boat, and report your findings.

Our goals are to educate and train, new, as well as existing boat owners how to understand what is important when buying a boat and what can be changed by a new coat of paint.



personel bio picCaptain Bob Edwards, Certified Marine Surveyor and General Manager of Coastal Marine Consultants. He holds a 100 ton U.S. Coast Guard Captain and is a PADI Assistant Instructor AIN-24507. Captain Bob is a member of the Maritime Consortium.

Captain Bob’s boating experience spans over 20 years providing only the best in term charters; while handling all the repairs on his and other charter boats throughout the Caribbean. His passions include diving and sailing. Captain Bob participated in Antigua Race Week 1994 winning 2nd place, and has owned or managed chartering businesses throughout the Caribbean. His blue water experience includes crossing the Atlantic from South Africa.

Since 1984 Captain Bob has logged over 50,000 blue water miles covering from Texas to Maine, South Africa, West Coast of Africa, St Helena to South America, Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas. 

He has over 20 years of experience repairing boat of all sizes.


Past Yachting and Corporate

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